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ABOUT LAINEPAPP.EE - Cardboard Box Manufacturer & Packaging Supplier

Gisanera OÜ was established in 2013 and we are engaged in the sale of corrugated cardboard boxes and packages.

All in one cardboard manufacturing service, from project to the real result.

Please take a look at our Services. - clear and simple to understand domain name. In the Estonian language " lainepapp " means "cardboard". That's one of our benefits. We always try to be as transparent and simple as possible. We work hard to offer high-quality service to our partners and able to complete most cardboard related requests.

Thanks to optimal company size we can keep our expenses low and allows us to offer low prices for our partners, without losing quality.

Läheneme personaalselt igale pappkastidega seotud projektile. Selleks, et tagada õigeaegsed tarned oleme valmis tootma pappkaste ette ning hoiustame pappkaste meie laos.
Personal approach for every cardboard related project. On-time delivery is guaranteed by producing on front and storing material in our warehouse.

Wondering about ordering cardboard packages? - Contact us and we will find the best solution for your corporate needs.
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